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X5 Bamboo Pens and Black Ink 15 ml For Calligraphy Writing

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Calligraphy Bamboo Reed Pens

Set contains the following sizes.

10 mm nib

9 mm nib

7 mm nib

5 mm nib

3 mm nib

Ink – (15ml Black)

* Qalams, bamboo pens for calligraphy writing Arabic, Farsi, 5 different sizes of qalams/bamboo pens ideal for writing all traditional styles. Black Ink 15 ml / 0.5 oz, large enough to practice on least 500 pages of calligraphy writing. Bamboo pens, qalams usually come with slant cut nibs, also available uncut/straight if required.

All further enquiries please contact seller

Sizes are approximate and pens will be slant Cut-Nibs. For all enquiries and wholesale please contact the seller.

4 reviews for X5 Bamboo Pens and Black Ink 15 ml For Calligraphy Writing

  1. Sign in with Apple user

    Had to pay an extra fee of 8€ to receive the package.

  2. Maisara

    The seller does not respond back at all, I have been waiting on my order and I reached out to the seller to either refund or check on the tracking, but no response, if you are this careless, why do you need a platform to sell anything ? Please refrain buying anything from this seller, they do not respond, I made a mistake ordering from here.

  3. Umm Maryam Lambert

    My husband is happy with his gift.

  4. Roya

    Overall a good purchase. One of the pens was shipped broken 🙁 Maybe worth to include a sharpener ??

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