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Procreate Sketch Pack FULL – Architecture Brushes

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This collection of custom brushes, color palettes, grids and canvases for Procreate App will make it easier than ever to create architectural sketches and other artistic drawings on your iPad. This pack of digital assets provides a visually compelling foundation to begin building your own architectural sketching habit.

What’s include:

01 | Instructions ( .pdf files + video tutorial ) – How to install, How to use and How to render a furniture

02 | BLVCKIN Custom Procreate 5 Brushset (x47) – (x7) Custom Pencils Brush ( Sketch Pencil, Pencil Large, Pencil Large Rough, Technical Pen,Liner , Sign Pen, Pastel ), Blend Medium, (x3) Lines ( Dotted, Dashed, Dash Dot ), Level, Section,Golden Section, Letter Builder, (x9) Hatch ( 45 Degree, Square Basic 45 Degree, Bricks (x2), Concrete, Angle, Pavement, Ground, Gravel ), (x9) Grids ( Square, Dots, Square Basic 45 Degree, Square Basic Dashed 45 Degree, Strong Horizontal 45 Degree, Grid Strong Vertical 45 Degree ), (x3) Tartan, (x3) Clouds, Snowflake, (10x) Lens Flare

03 | Architectural Entourage Brushset (x285 ) – (x50) Stams containing humans,(x30) animals, (x115) vegetation and (x90) furnitures

04 | Color Palettes (x10) 

05 | 27 Custom Canvases formatted only for iPad Pro 11″ – 12.9″ + Original uncropped images + 2x Procreate 5 Base Files with all Canvas

06 | Blueprint Canvas – formatted for iPad Pro 11/12.9 (.png) + 2x Procreate 5 Base Files with 3 modes – Blue, Gray and Dark

07 | Example Sketch – Full Project in Procreate 5 base file

08 | Bonus: Social Media Format – Procreate base files (x6) (Post 1:1, Post 4:5, Posts 1.91:1, Stories/Reels 9:16, IGTV Cover, YouTube Thumbnail) with integrated axis, diagonals and safe zones

The pack have 527.1 MB. Due to the fact that Etsy does not accept files larger than 20 MB, we had to put a separate link for download.

Now is a good time to invest in yourself. You deserve that!

4 reviews for Procreate Sketch Pack FULL – Architecture Brushes


    Perfect tool to make quick and professional architectural illustrations.

  2. Jesus Bernal

    Excellent product meet my expectations. I’ll buy again

  3. Alexia Telford

    Easy to use and great quality!

  4. Jenna Piccirillo


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