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Guide to Architecture and Interior design – Ebook


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Hello ! I’m Jacqueline, author of @Arquigraphi | Architecture and interior design guide. This book is created for students of architecture, interior design, for anyone who needs essential guidance on design requirements. I hope this book is super useful and can help you in all your designs.

⭐ Prologue

You will be able to learn about the ergonomics, distribution and circulation of space, the dimensions and the main elements in different environments.


English and Spanish

⭐ Measurements

Metric and Imperial

⭐ What does the Book contain?

Chapter 1 | Architectural works

Chapter 2 | The importance of color

Chapter 3 | decor

Chapter 4 | Details

Chapter 5 | doors

Chapter 6 | Windows

Chapter 7 | Bedroom

Chapter 8 | study

Chapter 9 | living room

Chapter 10 | Dining room

Chapter 11 | Kitchen

Chapter 12 | Bathrooms

Chapter 13 | Laundry

Chapter 14 | Stairs

Chapter 15 | Offices, coworking

Chapter 16 | Restaurants

Chapter 17 | Luminaires

⭐ Intellectual Property

The content of the book “Architecture and Interior Design Guide”, texts, 2D and 3D graphics, images, infographics, is protected by national and international legislation on copyright and intellectual and industrial property.

By purchasing the Architecture and Interior Design Guide, you are acquiring a license for personal use. No rental, sale, reinterpretation, distribution, or use for commercial purposes is permitted.


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