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Portrait in ink, commissioned work (sample price 24 x 34 cm)

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I would be happy to create a portrait of your loved one – person or animal – from a photo (digital or printed) in ink on drawing paper.

Price examples:

20 x 30 cm (no recognizable faces, e.g. back view or more abstract style): 65 euros

20 x 30 cm (1 person, recognizable face): 85 euros

24 x 34 cm (1 person, recognizable face: 95 euros

30 x 40 cm (1 person, recognizable face): 105 euros

Other sizes on request. If the person’s face cannot be recognized (e.g. rear view, diffuse style, etc.), I deduct 20 euros from the price; for each additional person I charge 20 euros more.

Please feel free to ask me about prices for other formats and techniques, e.g. in pencil, watercolor or oil!

The prices given above refer to the first version that I considered to be a good success – so far it has always been well received! If additional pictures need to be taken, the price may increase under certain circumstances.

For those on a budget, I offer another option: Tell me how much you want to spend and I will only spend the corresponding number of working hours (around 15 euros/hour including sales fees and material costs). However, the best possible result is not guaranteed, although great pictures often come out!

The shipping costs depend on the format: Up to 34 x 34 cm 2.00 euros, 25 x 35 cm-40 x 50 cm 4.80 euros, everything over 55 cm side length (short side) 6.99 euros.

I look forward to your suggestions! 🙂

4 reviews for Portrait in ink, commissioned work (sample price 24 x 34 cm)

  1. Sigrun

    I am really excited! So great! You can recognize the people immediately. That’s a really great gift! The contact was great and the delivery was also very fast. Lovely again! ❤️

  2. Anika Bauermeister

    Amazing and talented artist! Will recommend her to all my friends because she was able to create a beautiful special drawing out of a picture and make it unique. Honestly can’t thank Kiki enough 🙂 she was super helpful and made this experience of online purchase super easy.
    I received a gift from my family from her and was blown away so there was no hesitation when I needed something so special for a dear friend of mine! Thank you Kiki you’re so talented and kind.
    Best wishes

  3. Madeline Holly

    The painting came out absolutely amazing. My husband was so touched by it for Father’s Day. Kiki came up with an excellent finish from the photo I sent her. Thank you so much!

  4. Sigrun

    Super nice contact. The picture is beautiful and will certainly bring tears to the recipient’s eyes. Thank you very much for this beautiful picture! The next one has already been commissioned.

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