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Deux petits poissons peints et cousus à la main

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Un couple de petits poissons, peints, dessinés, et cousus à la main. Environ 18 et 19 cm de longueur.

4 reviews for Deux petits poissons peints et cousus à la main

  1. Kai Bretschneider

    Thank you so much for the great communication. The pictures are incredibly great. Packaging and shipping were exemplary, you can’t do anything better.

  2. Kai Bretschneider

    I am super happy with the purchase and wish you all the best.

  3. Ignacio Rojas

    It’s a beautiful portrait, I’m very happy with it 😊. Also, it was very nicely packaged and i really enjoyed opening it, felt like Christmas, even came with a personalized note.

  4. Kai Bretschneider

    Just great! I like your work very much.

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