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Daydreamer Pen Black

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A pen that makes the sky stare down in awe to see it’s own beauty captured so wonderfully. 

Embraced in an endless and continuous flow of the fluffiest of clouds, the moons, stars and sun dance along the body of this magical pen passing its magic onto its wielder. 

Not only renowned for its beauty, the Daydreamer pen and its predecessors are known for their smooth glide on parchment, the perfect balance of weight and rendering all other pens unworthy. 

Uncover the magic that is a Quirky pen and never again will you want to use another pen.  

Warning: Please keep out of reach and sight of office colleagues as this may lead to a serious case of ‘Penvy (Pen envy) and could result in office conflict and potential immense frustration. You could make some serious lifelong ‘Penemies’.


– 0.5mm Tip

– Gel Rollerball

– Black Ink

– Waterproof ink

– Total Length: 14cm (with lid)

– Body Length: 95cm (grip area)

– Weight: 23 grams /0.81 oz

– Gold Hardware

– ‘Daydreamer’ etched on pen clip

– Star Moon detailing on top of pen cap

– Replaceable Cartridge 

– Removable lid that clips onto end of pen

– Made in PRC

A reminder to be mindful when disposing of any packaging. Please recycle accordingly :).  

4 reviews for Daydreamer Pen Black

  1. Tara Lexi

    pens are so cute and feel great to write with! my only thing is that the ink will often periodically run dry while i’m in the middle of writing, so i have to rewrite over those dry parts multiple times

  2. Ice Mutt

    Excellent pen and design, writes nice too!

  3. Chloe Riggs

    The quality is exceptional, and the delivery is fast.

  4. mario

    it came and looks great

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