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Amazing Watercolor Painting kit for Procreate 2023

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***This is a Digital Product! No physical item will be mailed to you. In order to use this digital product it is required that you have an iPad, an Apple Pencil (gen 1 or 2), and the Procreate app.

PLEASE READ: After your purchase, you will instantly be able to download an instruction pdf. This pdf has highspeed Mediafire/Google Drive options where you can download the latest product files. You can find the PDF download available in the your account under ‘purchases and review’. Customer Support 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please message me if you need a refund oranything and I will get back to you immediately. Returns and refunds are usually accepted unless the purchase is from a long time ago. You can even refund the kit if you don’t like it after a few days.


Over 200 tutorial videos and counting! Check it out the channel:

I have a tutorial that explains the basics and will help you get started painting with this kit for the first time. You can watch it here:


Just a few easy to use brushes are all you need to paint anything – over 25 brushes are actually included, but not all of them are needed for most projects. I spent weeks developing each brush so you can use them without having to switch back and forth between tons of brushes. Watercolor is my passion and I created this addon so the results look authentic and the process is intuitive. You can even use this addon and follow traditional watercolor tutorials on youtube and Pinterest!

Blending: This addon features an incredible blending brush that will let you mix any colors together. It creates a realistic spidery water pattern, or a smooth ombre style blend. It’s up to you! This is the only watercolor system for procreate that captures the spontaneous textures and colors mixing that you see in real watercolor. Watch the video, you cannot believe how realistic it looks!


What’s included in this product:

– Over 25 brushes (However, you don’t have to use them all to paint something)

– Regular Watercolor Paper Texture

– over 100 Tutorials videos and customer support 12/7

Commercial Use License:

This product is suitable for unlimited commercial use! The kit is available on several different website, but this is the only shop that offers an unlimited commercial use license at no extra charge.


Procreate Compatibility: You WILL need to update iOS to get the latest Procreate. Check on the App Store to make sure you haven’t missed Procreate 5.3. It will only be visible if the iPad is updated.

iPad Compatibility: All models that can run the Procreate app

This addon will work with any version of the iPad that can run Procreate 5.3 or higher. Currently, this is every iPad that is compatible with any version of the Apple Pencil.

If you have any trouble with the addon, please message me on Etsy. Below this description, there is a button that says ‘Message Calvin’. I am available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and I’d love to help you :}



The list of tutorials was getting too long, so I made a youtube playlist instead:

Main Updated Tutorial:


*Please make sure you have Procreate Version 5.3 or newer. You may need to check on the App Store and make sure you updated Procreate recently. If procreate is not showing an update but you are still running an older version, you will need to update the iPad. Sometimes the App Store will hide new versions of procreate if you haven’t updated the iPad for awhile.

4 reviews for Amazing Watercolor Painting kit for Procreate 2023

  1. Sarah Bonello

    I’m new to procreate but I typically paint traditionally and I’m delighted by how well these brushes replicate real watercolor!

  2. Caelan Crawford

    Still learning how to use as advertised, but overall good product.

  3. Bobby Lies

    you’ll find all thats promised

  4. Caleigh S

    I am creating signage for our wedding and this was the perfect tool to make them all!

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