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Sofas DWG Section Drawings

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12 sofa section drawings. Sofas with different size and shapes for your architectural projects in dwg. format. Easily copy and paste to your architectural and interior architectural projects. They are adjustable in size, shape, color, lineweight and can be modified within AutoCad.

4 reviews for Sofas DWG Section Drawings

  1. Mari Ece Kaya

    The drawings are excellent and were incredibly helpful for my project. Thank you! I highly recommend them to everyone.

  2. Mert Molay

    I purchased this sofa design from Etsy, and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece! From the moment I made the purchase, I was met with exceptional quality at every step. The uniqueness of the design have completely transformed the atmosphere of my home. Communicating with the seller was easy and enjoyable, and they were quick and clear in responding to all my questions. Highly recommended!

  3. Omer Bezirgan

    This is what I needed! Perfect!!

  4. Doruk Lokumcu

    Great designs, fair price 🙂

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