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Original Illustration “Mailam Rekdai & Orvai Kurim” – DSA The Black Eye – Gods of the Goblins

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Original illustration, ink/pencil on A4 drawing paper, for the fantasy role-playing game “The Black Eye” (DSA), from 2003.

“Mailam Rekdai & Orvai Kurim” – are the most revered gods of the red-furred goblins, the great mother sow and the lord of the hunters. Published in “The Black Eye – Ways of the Gods”, basic rulebook.

I illustrated all 12 gods, the Nameless One and all the smaller deities of Aventuria with great pleasure. The originals are something special, they shaped the look and world of the Black Eye like no other illustrations have done before. There will be no more new images for DSA in this form. Many of the original gods have already found a new home and have been sold.

I’m selling the original. It is intended for private use only. The exploitation rights remain with me and, if applicable, the publisher.


I send originals up to A3 flat packed as an insured package. Pictures with larger dimensions will arrive rolled up in square shipping boxes and also as a package. If the originals are painted on a canvas with a stretcher frame, I will also send them in an extra-safe package. With the help of the tracking number, you always know exactly where your shipment is and when it is expected to arrive.

Only shipping within Germany.

4 reviews for Original Illustration “Mailam Rekdai & Orvai Kurim” – DSA The Black Eye – Gods of the Goblins

  1. Thorsten

    Fast and reliable as always! Thank you!

  2. Leo

    Love the colours and the quality!! So Happy with it

  3. Christoph

    A great image that will further enhance our upcoming Year of Fire campaign. Shipping was quick and reliable as always!

  4. Christian

    Ina Kramer and Caryad. Nobody has made more beautiful portraits for Aventuria. Just great.

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