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Modular/Stackable Pastel Boxes – (Each module holds 100 half sticks of pastel) – No Pastels Included

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These handmade stackable pastel boxes measure 350mm x 180mm x 28mm with 25mm internal depth or 14 x 7 x 1.1 inches with 1 inches internal depth each. They were designed and made by me at my home in Ireland using locally sourced materials.

For a short video description of the modular boxes search PastelArtAdmiral on YouTube or follow the link

Each box module will hold approximately 100 half sticks or 60 full sticks or 65 large Terry Ludwig pastels. They have metal pins embedded in either end which fit into holes on the underside of the next module allowing them to stack securely.

The lids are made from 3mm transparent acrylic (is not dangerous if broken). The lid is not attached but sits on top and is held in place by the pins

The ability to stack the modules makes storage easy for those artists short on space while their modular design means you can aquire more later on when your pastel collection inevitably expands (these modular boxes will be available here indefinitely).

Inserts are fitted snugly to each compartment, these have been specially designed by me for this purpose. These inserts keep the pastels clean, safe and neatly organized.

There are three types of inserts available, you will be asked at checkout which type you prefer;

1. Standard Inserts – Custom designed from black foam, this insert type will comfortably fit most round brands of pastel including full and half sticks of Unison, Sennelier, Schminke, Mungyo, Rembrant, Daler Rowney, Girault, Pastell, Neopastel, Jacksons, Faber-Castell, Round Art Spectrum, Richeson Handrolled, etc. The ridges on this type of insert are 16mm or 0.62 inches apart.

2. Alternate Inserts – Custom designed from black foam, this type of insert is for those with all or a significant portion of larger or squared pastels such as Terry Ludwig’s, Great American, Blue Earth, Mount Vision, Square Art Spectrum, Grande Sennelier, Diane Townsend, etc. The ridges on this type of insert are 20mm or 0.79 inches apart. This type of insert will cause the capacity of the box to drop by 1/6th.

3. Memory Foam Inserts – This insert type is 7mm cream coloured memory foam and is flat without ridges, this offers the ability to have any packing density and accommodate any size of pastel.

The outer part of the box is made of Teak hardwood and the base from light sturdy MDF. The box has been sanded to a smooth finish and sealed with Teak oil which brings out the grain beautifully.

To see pictures of my original pastel paintings and pastel box designs go to Instagram @PastelArtAdmiralDesigns and @PastelArtAdmiral

There are only three genuine online stores where I sell my art boxes and artwork – Etsy @PastelArtAdmiral and my own website created using Squarespace @PastelArtAdmiral and eBay @pastelartadmiral – all other online stores are fake

6 reviews for Modular/Stackable Pastel Boxes – (Each module holds 100 half sticks of pastel) – No Pastels Included

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Donna

  2. Tamar

    5 days from Ireland to Ohio. and impeccable quality. what a great product, thank you!!

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent quality and customer service! This is my second item ordering from this seller.

  4. Epona158

    The boxes are well-built and exactly what I needed. In fact, I think I need some more lol.

  5. Donna Rossi

    Thanks so much

  6. marianne

    Wow, was that a quick delivery from Ireland to the US. These boxes for pastels are so great I feel my novice pastel work is not worthy of them! But I cannot wait to begin organizing my pastels and having everything in one place. Thanks again, these are perfect.

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