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Glass Dip in Pen – Starry Nights Handmade Glass Art Calligraphy Pen

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I use Effetre, Reichenbach, CIM, Double Helix glass for my designs.

You can use my Glass Dip in Pen for drawing, writing or calligraphy art.

Usage Information:

Just dip the tip of the pen into the ink.

Grooves on the pen will hold the ink and allow you to write smoothly for a long time.

You can use it with any kind of ink or liquid form of paint; even with your coffee. ☕️

Rinse the pen with water after use.

You will receive 1 pc Glass Dip in pen, 1 pc of pen rest and 20ml blue ink with designed box for the pen.

All my pens are annealed in the kiln for strength and durability. The tips are quality checked before shipment.

You can see the usage video of the pen on my home page about part.

I hope you enjoy it.

4 reviews for Glass Dip in Pen – Starry Nights Handmade Glass Art Calligraphy Pen

  1. Alina Freinberger

    Absolutelly worth the price, it is beautiful und does not scratch on the paper 👍🏻

  2. S.

    This is the pen for me. I have tried out a few other glass dip pens and when this one came in the mail it wrote so much more smoothly. Holds more ink and writes consistently without being scratchy. Blue roses have sentimental value to me so I felt like I needed this. The box it came in was very sturdy and the blue ink is nice as well (the writing in my example picture is using the blue ink, but I used a couple other inks in the picture).

  3. Penelope

    Oh my goodness, I cannot recommend Hande Erbuk’s work enough. I custom ordered a glass pen and she was unbelievably considerate to my design and knowledgeable about what was possible. Most of all, of course, the final pen is beautiful~! Just what I wanted. It even feels lovely to hold and writes just as beautifully as it looks. I am simply delighted!

  4. Danielle Lerdahl

    It is freaking gorgeous and writes beautifully I plan on saving up so that I have a collection of them

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