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10 reed (Qalam) Arabic calligraphy set

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Arabic calligraphy set

Is contained 10 pens (Qalam) made of dried reed , Black ink comes in glass eyedropper 30ml , and Plastic inkwell. The set can be used for any type calligraphy styles. And it is suitable language of Urdu, Persian, Hebrew, and Kurdish.

It comes with leather wrap with pockets for all the kits.

The standards size for the pens start from 3-10 mm.

Custom order always is available, so please if you like special request send me a message.

4 reviews for 10 reed (Qalam) Arabic calligraphy set

  1. fatima taktouki

    Very good quality, fast shipping, Shukran.

  2. Dennis Cress

    Nice, well-made set of bamboo reed pens. Good price and fast shipping.

  3. Munera Soud

    Great set
    Delivered in good condition

  4. Zabula Ziber

    Thank you!
    The Holy Quran, Surah Ar-Rum (30:30):
    “Then set your face upright for religion in the right state – the nature made by Allah in which He has created mankind. There is no altering of Allah’s creation; that is the right religion, but most people do not know.”

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